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Star BookOfShadowsInfo
Info for wiccans

Group Founder: kezza91
Description: This is a group dedicated to wicca and for people who want information to put into their Book Of Shadows/Grimoire
Group Type: Public join
Members: 16
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Occult

Topics (3)

go Rightful Terms (1) anglice
You must learn the terms for people so you may show respect. 1. A Witch can be eather male or female. There are 3 diffrent types of Witches (1) A Blood Witch is someone who is born a Witch (2) A Ma...

go Wiccan ABC (0) kezza91
A- Accept others as they are, we are all individualsB- Belief in yourself is a necessityC- Concentration is important in any endeavour, both magickal and in lifeD- Do what you will, so long as it harm...

go Sabbats (0) kezza91
(For Southern Hemisphere)*June Approximately 21st Yule or Winter Solstice*August 1st Imbolc, Oimelc, Brigid, or Candlemas (Start Of Spring)*November 1st Beltaine (Start Of Summer)*December approx. 21s...